The (rollicking) Raging Grannies of Vancouver

by Patricia Grinsteed

The banner says it all!

Here we are at the Kits Beach anti-tanker demo a few weeks before leaving on 8 August 2012 for our 25th Anniversary Un-Convention in Victoria, where it all started.

We are still singing out for peace, social justice, protection of the environment, First Nations’ issues, women’s issues, for a government that represents all citizens, for an end to trade deals that sell us out, for nuclear disarmament, and for an end to wars that claim the lives of our grandchildren and ever more non-combatants world-wide in disproportionate numbers.

Our tactical weapon is humor – singing sharpened-up songs of satire and protest, with facts based on careful research!

Grannies will gather to CELEBRATE the growth of our movement across the continent and beyond, and our pledge to carry our message on!

We will be back on 11 August, renewed and ready to continue sharing our message and our news of this made-in-Canada movement that is on its way….worldwide….!

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About Suzuki Elders

The Suzuki Elders are a voluntary association of self-identified elders working with and through the David Suzuki Foundation. We bring our voices, experiences and memories to mentor, motivate and support other elders and younger generations in dialogue and action on environmental issues. Suzuki Elders listen, learn, share and act through educating, communicating connecting and advocacy.

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  1. Ok, entirely agreee. You have struck the nail on the head.

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